What are Light Affection Lights?

1. Based on your photo... 2. We carve a piece using a unique technique 3. We assemble it into a complete Lamp or Night Light
Original photo
personalized carved piece
photo frame light off

4. You receive it and turn the light ON. The picture magically appears...

photo gifts
complete photo gift-sideways

Things You need to know:


The lights are available in different frames, sizes and prices:

Available frames
  2 3/4" x 2 3/4" Black
  4"x 4" lamp Black , Rosewood
  4"x 6" lamp Black , Rosewood, Natural
  5"x 7" lamp Black , Rosewood, Natural, Silver, Gold
  8"x 10" lamp Black , Rosewood, Natural, Silver, Gold
  Gift Certificate kits are available for all sizes

* Sizes indicate size of carved piece
* The 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" is a Night Light. It plugs directly into the electric socket. Lamps stand on their own and and have an electric cord with an on/off switch.
* 4"x6" size is only available in the vertical orientation.
* Prices do not include shipping.

  The picture quality is directly related to the final result. read more